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Scenes from some excellent adventures.

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Procrastinators. My 1950's style Doo Wop group. We played the cabarets of New York City for a year. From the left are Jed Cohen, Sam Riegel (me), Danny Gerard and Sean Dooley. We fought off the girls. Barely.

Very young. Here's a painfully adorable picture of me when I was a mere babe. Strangely enough, I was also a blonde.

Another shot of yours truly, much cuter than I am now. And that incredibly strong woman in the back there? That's no body builder, folks, that's my mom!

The wild wild West. That gangly fellow there is actually my Dad. The Indians may have scalped him, but we got the land.

Whitewater. Here I am whitewater rafting on the very wild New River of West Virginia. Oddly, this river runs NORTH from Tennessee through West Virginia to the Ohio River and, ironically, is one of the oldest river systems in the East. Pretty interesting, eh?

Letterman. Here's a shot of me the night I appeared on David Letterman's Late Show television program. I'm the tall dweeb with the bald cap on the left back impersonating Mayor Giuliani, and Dave's the tall dweeb in the front right. I have no idea who the other dweeb is (impersonating my "son" Andrew).

Reagan.  While I was playing Gavroche in Les Misérables, President Reagan and Nancy came backstage at the Kennedy Center to celebrate her birthday with some cake. She ate the whole thing!  When the Prez was asked if he enjoyed the show he said, "Well, it's no Bedtime for Bonzo."  That Ronnie is one wacky guy. By the way, I'm the tiny boy in the T-shirt.

Sis. Here's a photo of me with my great sis Eden, also a showbiz person. Just a quiet day at home. Oh, and I have another sis, Tanya, and some other cool relatives, but sadly, no pictures of them.

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