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What in God's Name is Sam Riegel
Doing These Days?

Alas, I have graduated from the University of Virginia.  It is with trepidation and excitement that I venture forth to make my mark on the world outside of the special environment of Mr. Jefferson's Academical Village.  It was a great 4th year on the Lawn except for occasional disturbances caused by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe.  Former Sen Howard Baker spoke at graduation and sent me on my way.  Below you will find some notes on my activities during the past few years, not to mention a copy of my stellar thesis, entitled "FINAL CUT - An Analysis of the Politics Behind Film Editing".

Well, since you asked ... I completed my fourth year undergraduate at the University of Virginia (UVA) majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies - Media & Corporate Relations, and minoring in Asian Studies. Translation: I have no marketable skills as a graduate, yet I will still somehow be "too qualified" to flip burgers at any fast food joint.   No job for me!!   But at least I get to spend college watching TV and movies while earning credit for my major. Not bad, eh?

I also had a great first 3 years, taking all sorts of courses in Japanese, Gender Studies, Meteorology, Piano and Cosmology (no, it has nothing to do with makeup), to name a few.   This summer I had great fun gallivanting all over Central and Eastern Europe, checking out truly distinctive elements of each country's culture and cuisine. For example, did you know that ketchup packets cost 20 cents apiece under the golden arches of Vienna?   Click here to see photos of me with my family in Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Bratislava.

I also had an excellent summer of 1997 working in the editing room of Quentin Tarantino's new film Jackie Brown  staying with my older sister Tatiana in Los Angeles. We actually got to cut the film at a makeshift office set up in QT's mansion on the Hollywood Hills. To answer your obvious next question -- yes, I have seen his bathroom, and it is huge.

In other news, I relinquished the presidency (it was a coup) of the wackiest a cappella vocal group on grounds, The Academical Village People, also known as AVP. We do fun stuff like rehearsing at prime beach property all over the world. We toured Disney World at Spring Break '97 (a few blown tires and a major lack of sleep made for a genuine Orlando blast), and this past Break we visited the Florida Keys. We've also hit Myrtle and Virginia beaches, and next year we're planning a trip to St. Thomas. We also sing, sometimes, whenever we're not on the beach.

AVP's second CD, entitled "Maniac Bus Driver" (don't ask) has been superseded by "CALABASH!".  I highly recommend the CD.  Remember, it makes a lovely stocking stuffer.